Pay Per Click

Let's understand PPC first

Pay per Click is an advertising program initiated by Google. PPC advertising is the sort of making your listing on Google first page for your specific keyword(s). Advertisers need not to pay anything to the Search engines to appear on the page. Advertisers are charged specific payment which is agreed by the advertiser when user/viewer clicks on that link. Search Engines takes the user to landing page of the website of advertiser. This way, the advertiser pays search engine each time he gets a click on the advertising link.

Pay per Click by Google

The most common and profitable PPC campaign is provided by Google. Google PPC program is called as Adwords. The major part of traffic comes from Google. This is why Google Adwords is most popular PPC program among all search engines. Other search Engines offering the same service are MSN, Yahoo Bing and ask. 

If you are all set to set up your advertising campaign and have some ads running for your business. We may help you to ensure you go along the right path. Because it the time to find the potential keywords to start the campaign with. This is the most important phase in an  Adwords campaign. The success or failure of the campaign depends on what keywords you are selecting for pay per click ad campaign. The reason is that you will be charged each time user clicks your ad and then the user comes to your website. If, you are not his/her right choice, the user will not be interesting in any business with you and the amount you paid to Search engine will be wasted. You will obviously not like to spend your money for those clicks which are unable to turn your visitors into customers.

Pay Per Click Services at ITinfoCube

We provide n Pay per Click services to set up and manage your pay per click program. Our pay per click experts serves you the solution you need. They analyze your business terms; find potential keywords to ensure high ROI through your PPC campaign.

We shall suggest you the most cost saving advertising and lead generation method. It can either be Pay per Click or organic Search Engine Optimization. Pay per click is fast and expensive whereas organic SEO is steady and affordable for long term. The main advantage of PPC is that you won't need to wait for results to see your ad on Search Engine result pages [SERP]. 

Pay per click ad campaign needs continuous monitoring on the keywords and the number of clicks day wise. It gives you an idea of which keywords are getting more clicks and sale per click. Once you are sure that sufficient business is coming your way, you can continue with the same selection of keywords otherwise, you will need to change the set of keywords and re launch the campaign with different keywords.

Pay per click is more like "what you reap is what you cut". Therefore, you have to be very smart and intelligent enough to invest in Pay per Click or hire an agency that will take care of your campaign closely and keep you updated. To know more about our pay per click services, please contact us.

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