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Web designing is that field which is often associated with the creation, development and maintenance of websites. Graphic design, interface design and SEO are a few facets of web designing to name a few. The term ‘web designing’ generally refers to the client-oriented designing process which somewhat intersects with the web engineering aspects. Web designers look after the development of various aspects of a website so as to make it highly interactive, informative, and appealing as per the customer requirements. They are expected to be well versed with web accessibility. They also take                                   care of the uniqueness and easy usage.


• Gets you a unique identity in the market.

• An expected rise in the incoming traffic to your website.

• An appealing and attractive look to your website along with an improved functionality.

• An added edge over your rivals.

• To the point and optimized content.

• Room for future improvement.

• Pocket friendly.

Why Us? 

ITinfo is a leading company that masters all facets of web designing. We have a large team of web experts who have mastered various areas of web designing and whose creativity can take your website to the absolute summits in terms of audience numbers. Functionality along with an aesthetic yet overall professional look is our USP factor which in turn is bound to give your business an even better and stunning look than before.

Web Packages

Basic Website -15,000 ( $250 ) 

​5 Page Website + Contact Form + 5 Stock Photo + Free Domain Name And Hosting for 1 Year + Basic SEO... Read More

 Dynamic Site -30000 ( $500 )

Unlimited Categories and Products + Unlimited Pages + Payment Gateways + Free Domain Name And Hosting for 1 Year... Read More