Cake Framework

A framework for PHP that is making tremendous growth in PHP background is CakePHP. It is a free open source with easily available resources. It is believed to be the base for web applications and enables you to work in a structured frame as well.

CakePHP is not monotonous like the other frameworks and it has a widespread team of developers who ensure that your application is well-tested. It combines all the advantages of PHP scripting language along with its own unique features. 



• Active and well-spread community of developers.

• Flexible and free license.

• Compatible with various versions of PHP scripting language.

• MVC architecture.

• Efficient components to handle email, cookies, sessions, etc. individually.

• Validation that is built-in.

• Flexible ACL and Cache.

• Easily available resources.

Why Us?

We, ITinfo, give you a sufficient number of good reasons to work with our firm for CakePHP development. Some of these reasons are:

• Authorization and validation for all your applications by our experienced team of developers, programmers and engineers.

• Easy to use and understandable interface for all the users and possible customers.

• You need to contribute zero configuration adjustments from your side.

• Compatibility with versions 4 and 5 of PHP.

• Development is as per your requirements within the promised time and at reasonable costs.

Web Packages

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