Ajax Programming

Ajax is not a programming language but a concept wherein the exchange of data with a server or by updating certain areas of web pages is done without reloading or refreshing the whole page as such. Ajax is the acronym for Asynchronous Javascript and XML and thus, combines the techniques and features used to dynamically connect with servers and to load pages.  In short, it is said to be using XML to contact a web server via Javascript.


• Ajax facilitates in making calls to a server in an asynchronous manner. Thus, the client doesn’t need to wait for the entire data to be loaded on to the web page.

• Ajax is user-friendly and fast. It is known for its good response time feature.

• Speed is the best advantage in Ajax. The motive behind Ajax’s development was in fact speed and utility. It enhances the performance of your website as the webpage does not to be refreshed again and again for all the updated content to appear.

• Ajax is used to save or call back the data without loading the entire page to the server.

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